CuNiCrSi - C18000 - Copper Nickel Chromium Silicium

CuNiCrSi is a heat treatable copper alloy which is used in all kinds of industries. CuNiCrSi is consisting of Cu with Ni, Cr and Si in order to achieve a Cu-alloy with a high electrical and thermal conductivity together with a high degree of hardness and strength.

Examples of application :

  • Plungers in cold chamber die casting machines (light metal casting)
  • Dies for non ferrous metal casting
  • Brocadur CNCS is the Be-free alternative for our alloys Brocadur CCB and CCNB
  • Plastic blow moulding and injection moulding

CuNiCrSi is produced in round, flat, square, rectangular and hexagon bars. CuNiCrSi is also produced in discs, rings, plates and special profiles. Finished parts can also be produced out of this CuNiCrSi copper alloy according to customer production drawings.


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